25 Presets compatible through Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

Adjust Light settings as needed per photo. Mostly exposure, contrast, highlights, & shadows.

(After preset is applied.)


Instructions for importing: 


 - Once downloaded, Unzip the SjS Presets Folder and save the .xmp files.

 - Open Lightroom Classic.

 - Ensure you have atleast one photo in your Library.

 - Now go to the Develop tab -> Presets Tab ->  click on the small plus sign next to Presets.

 - Click on "Import Presets..." 

 - Select all of the SjS Preset .xmp files, click "Import" and all the Presets will appear in their own group and be ready for use!


Note: If you use Lightroom CC on your desktop/laptop instead of Lightroom Classic, the process is identical. Except, if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you can sync the presets to your Lightroom Mobile app. 


SjS Presets